Business Innovation

06 January 2018

Business Card Strategies

A good business card is crucial to the success of any business. It should be able to convey the overall image of the company right from the first impressions. However, it is absolutely no easy feat, considering the size of a busin...
30 March 2018

5 Ways To Effectively Brand Your Company

Growing a plant is easy at first - add seeds to the soil, water it frequently, and let it grow. Unfortunately, growing your business is not always this simple. Building your brand is one way you can make sure your enterprise is on...

Branding and Design

06 May 2018

Colors For Your Branding and Business Identity — Everything You Need to Know

Ever given thought to just how important quality visual content is to your brand? You might not know this but looks mean everything when branding your business in Singapore. In fact, according to research from Kissmetrics, up to 9...

Digital Marketing

17 April 2018

Help! My Typography Is Killing My Design

Haven’t we been in that all-too familiar place of wondering which typography can be used best to bring out the ideas and flavors of our branding? Typography is the art and technique of arranging letters when typing it, which in...